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Adult real Doll Product Selection and Use Guide

Adult real Doll
Adult real Doll Product Selection and Use Guide 1

“AVOMEN” takes you to explore the world of Adult real Dolls and sex toys: products, selection and usage guide.

Welcome to our industry blog about adult dolls and sex toys! Here we take you deep into the world of Adult real Dolls and sex toys, covering a range of products, selection criteria and usage guidelines. Whether you are looking for sex toys, adult novelties or realistic silicone dolls, we aim to provide you with detailed information and advice.

1. Overview of adult dolls and sex toys

Adult real Dolls and sex toys are designed to meet the sexual needs of individuals or couples, forming a subset of sex toys and adult novelties. With the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing emphasis on sexual health and satisfaction, the market for adult dolls and sex toys is expanding rapidly.

2. Material types of adult dolls


 Silicone material is easier to clean because it is not as sticky as thermoplastic elastomers. It is more expensive, but is also more resistant to heat, stains and water. It doesn’t require much maintenance compared to other sex doll materials. Like TPE, silicone is also hypoallergenic.

Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic vaginal and anal cavities, which is a big plus for most people. You won’t have a problem cleaning it as it can be easily disinfected. We still don’t recommend using alcohol for disinfection, but instead use softer cleaning tools.


Let’s talk about what TPE is made of and how it performs when it comes to sex dolls. Compared to silicone, TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer) is almost entirely new. It is a mixture of rubber and plastic. TPE can be stretched repeatedly and will quickly return to its original length. It is much softer than other materials and can be held in multiple positions due to its flexibility.

Another advantage of TPE dolls is that, despite the more realistic material, they are less expensive than silicone dolls. TPE material is recyclable. It is also highly hypoallergenic and does not cause any allergic reactions.

3. How to choose the right Adult real Doll or sex toy for you

Determine your needs: Before choosing an Adult real Doll or sex toy, it is essential to clarify your preferences and requirements. For example, are you looking for a lifelike silicone doll or a portable vibrator?

Check the product description: Before purchasing, carefully check the product description and reviews to understand the features, materials used, and instructions for use.

Choose a reputable brand: Buying an Adult real Doll or sex toy from a reputable brand ensures a high-quality product and reliable customer service. “AVOMEN” is a high-end brand specializing in sexy adult dolls.

Consider your budget: Choose products that fit your budget and avoid blindly chasing high-end products. Instead, focus on finding products that offer good value for money.

4. Proper use of Adult real Dolls and sex toys

Read Instructions: Be sure to read and follow the instructions that come with your adult doll or sex toy.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Clean your product with warm water and mild detergent before and after use, and perform regular maintenance checks.

Use Lubricant: Applying adequate lubricant before using a vibrator or adult doll can enhance comfort and reduce friction.

Personal Hygiene: Ensure proper hand hygiene and personal hygiene before and after use.

Avoid Overuse: Overuse of an adult doll or sex toy may cause discomfort or injury, so use moderately and follow recommended guidelines.

5. Summary and Outlook

Adult dolls and sex toys are becoming more and more popular as people pursue sexual health and satisfaction. When selecting and using these products, it is important to understand the various types of products available, choose the ones that suit your needs, and use them correctly. As technology continues to advance and market demands continue to change, we expect more innovative products and services to improve comfort, convenience and personalization in the future.

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